NEW 2018 Community Classes start at Risingholme, Opawa 

Painting and Pastels ( for those with some experience) starting February 14th..Wednesdays...9.30 -11.30                 (8 week terms, except for term 4=  7 week term)               

Drawing and Sketching (suitable any level)  Christchurch Girls High School 6.30-8.30pm  also starting Wednesday February 14th (6 week terms) Can include Pastels for those interested also.

WORKSHOPS....I am available to create specifically for your group needs;

Private Sessions available by request...either at my home or yours (depending where you live!)                                                         

Bit of background...My journey into teaching began in India, 1984; when, among other things, I was learning  fine silk embroidery at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. I was asked to teach a group of non english speaking Indian school children the basics of stitching, so I  called upon my own experiences of learning  on hessian with brightly coloured wools as we did at Primary School ...

Since then I have contributed to the creative growth of  both adults and children (via Community classes or privately, group workshops ...beginners and those more experienced)....1993 I completed Adult teaching Certificates 1 and 2 at Nelson Polytechnic. I continue to upskill myself ....and will happily take part in other Artists workshops.


Ron with his abstraction, showing Pam... Motueka workshop Oct 2017

Motueka Guardian article Oct 2017 re 2x journey to Abstraction workshops

c'est moi in Tutor role with some of the art work (more to follow)

Marian creating with pastels Day 2 Motueka

Motueka works end of Day 1 abstraction

Motueka group 2 Pastels end of day 2 2017

Motueka group works end of day 2 2017

Ashburton Mixed Media workshop, Susie, Lee and Jen 2017

Ashburton Mixed Media workshop Margaret in action 2017

Ashburton Mixed media workshop Val in action 2017

Portrait workshop 2017 James acrylic and Bryan model

Alison and watercolour portrait of Bryan 2017 Workshop

Taunya pastelling Bryan Portrait workshop 2017

Justine and Pauline on Portrait workshop using pastels 2017

James acrylic and Sandra watercolour Portraits of Bryan 2017

James in action Portrait workshop 2017

Sandra self Portrait in watercolour 2017

One on one (included tourists passing through!) pastel session with Juliana at Otago Art Society 2017

Me as student at Min Kim Oil painting workshop 2017

At the end of the 4 day Min Kim Oil painting Workshop. As an Artist and Tutor, I am always keen to upskill and learn from others experience