Land, Sea, Cityscapes

We live in such a visually demanding world full of contrasts; of which I have seen and experienced only such a tiny fraction of (see a few samples of my work below). When I do see a scene that attracts or moves me in some way; I have my camera &/or sketchpad ready, to try and capture that moment, to later recreate or express in my own way. Sometimes a scene is infused with other memories or attached to an  event, and I may not do anything with it creatively until much later.  For 14 years up until the 2011 earthquake, I worked in my studio at The Christchurch Arts Centre, immediately adjacent to Hagley Park and the beautiful and inspiring Botanical Gardens. These places were (and still are) natural choices for local resource material. Beyond my immediate environment however; travelling (both in NZ and overseas) feeds my soul; giving me both ‘space away from creating’ and ‘space to allow for new energy to come in’ making way for new work keeping my spirit alive.


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Heading Out (Netherlands) pastel 2012 Riding the Waves Exhibition private collection Christchurch

The Dahlia Garden and Keeping it Neat (next to still Life work)..Ghislaine and Gilbert Provence France 2017

Well Fed Christchurch Botanical Gardens acrylic 2014-16 private collection Christchurch

Seeds of Abundance pastel 2015 Art collection of Fertility Clinic Christchurch

hanging as a group.... acrylic works Listening to Life Exhibition 2013 Art Collection Lynne Burney Paris

Hidden Retreat acrylic 2017 private collection Dunedin

Coast acrylic mix media Art Collection of Brenda Wallace Wellington

in process....'Ladies of the Gardens' acrylic 2017-18

Riding the Waves Together acrylic 2016