Figurative and Organic Works

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Being self-taught initially, to draw faces and people from living in the late 80's, I took my skills into the marketplace drawing faces on the spot. Following this up with life drawing classes while at Nelson Polytechnic, led me to later create a series of nudes, many in pastel. My interest in Portraiture and the Figure continues, and I enjoy working both from life and as an expression of my creative journey. I also teach others to draw and paint the Portrait and take commissions.

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Nature provides a wealth of inspiration; and as both a beach and nature comber, I have been drawn to sketch and paint the things I see (or see in them) and find. Shells, cave interiors, rocks and rock formations, stones, driftwood, bark and pods all have featured in my artworks; a small selection of which are displayed below. Sometimes I work directly from life, seeking to reproduce what Nature has created; at other times it is my imagination that is ignited....and I see where it takes me.

1990 Early days teaching myself to draw people...on the spot at work...Nelson Girls High evening Prep supervisor

Willene student from Vanuatu 1990

1995 on the spot...Water colour Thailand (original gifted to suprised rider!)

Homework acrylic on board 2015

Cosy Cluster still life acrylic (Thailand New Zealand connection) in my collection

Gems of Beaches pastel New Zealand stones, and shells Leiden

The Unveiling of Gems of Beaches Leiden Netherlands 2012

Lost n Found acrylic mix media (Thailand, New Zealand Connection) 2015