Alternative Works

Alternative Works

Paris 1984. After a year in SE Asia soaking up the newness of everything, including the art; Wassily Kandinsky’s huge abstract reproductions are the first European art to hit me to touch my heart and soul. This was the start of my journey not only into pure abstraction, but also of not being afraid to work intuitively; in the beginning through drawing as a very immediate form of expression; and later with colour and form. Below are just a few of the many works I have created from how I feel at the time about things, life, events, what I see and interpret, what wants to come into being, what I imagine.


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Flight acrylic 2017

Change acrylic mix media 2016-17

Bursts of Spirit pastel dare (section of acrylic)

Tree of Hearts pastel

Kid in a Lolly Shop pastel

Angie collecting new acrylic Lifeline 2017